What is the mutation procedure of KMC

Mutation generally refers to the recording of transfer of property from one person to another in the revenue record. The procedure for doing mutation is very lengthy and is also quite complicated. One has to undergo plenty of legal procedure for the purpose of mutation.

The mutation procedure for KMC or Kolkata Municipal Corporation is as mentioned below:

i. At first, Form A – 42 need to be procured from the Central Record Section in CMO building. This very form is known as the application form for mutation. Form A – 42 can also be obtained from the offices of Kolkata Municipal Corporation in Gariahat as well as from Behala.

ii. It is also the duty of an individual to obtain NOC (No Objection Certificate) for the purpose of Mutation from the collection department. This document must be attached and submitted along with the form of mutation that is Form A – 42.

iii. The Collection Department is mainly a single computerized window from where the intimation of demand or NOC is hand over within a prescribed time limit. Other papers and documents are also needed for the purpose of mutation and therefore those documents also must be submitted along with the mutation form.

iv. In case of succession ground of mutation, death certificate of R/O must also be submitted along with the mutation form. Affidavit regarding legal heirs is also needed.

v. Submission of site-plan is very necessary in case of mutation as well as the apportionment of tax. The site-plan showing the entire area of the premises as well as the area, which is under the occupation of individual applicant must be submitted by LBS along with the form of mutation.

vi. In case of Mutation-separation or Mutation Amalgamation, the site map of the property must be enclosed. For this purpose the site map must also be signed by LBS.

These are the Mutation procedure of KMC Kolkata Municipal Corporation or In case of Mutation Amalgamation or Mutation-separation please enclose detail site map duly signed by a LBS.


> What is the mutation procedure of KMC
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I have learned that

I have learned that now-a-days a special affidavit is to be deposed that says, "the municipal corporation has the right to seize my property anytime without any reason what so ever." It is also learned that such affidavit is supposed to be an essential item required for the completion of the mutation process. Please enlighten us in this matter, and provide a format of such an affidavit on your website for a ready reference and possible legal recourse.

Srilekha Sarkar Das

We are waiting for the last

We are waiting for the last 2yrs.for Mutation-Seperation,of our land at 7,Ripon Lane,Ward No.61..kolkata 700016

feeling like a jerk 4 not

feeling like a jerk 4 not readn earlier n being super f... scammed

What is the proper rules for

What is the proper rules for mutation of thika tetanancy land in kmc?

For mutation ,the family

For mutation ,the family agreement or terms of settlement is valid or not as all the members of the family have signed.And the eldest member who has signed is no more.

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