Timing of Indian Railways

Indian Railways follows 24 hour clock model with the week starting from Monday and day starting from 00:00 (12 in the night).

Different ways to find out timing of Indian Railways

If you want to know the timing of any train, you can find it in following ways -

  • You can find out timing of Indian Railways online through IRCTC.com website and through indianrail.gov.in.
  • You can find out timing of Indian Railways on Indian railway booklet or train Index board.
  • You can find out timing of Indian Railways by sending a SMS.

Check Timing of Indian railways online

Check Timing of Indian Railways in nearest railway station

  • You can visit the nearest railway station and check the train timing on Train Index board which is normally placed near booking center.
  • You can even check timing of Indian Railways on Train Information booklet.
  • This booklet is available in railway station; you can collect it from the enquiry section. This would be handy for future use as well.
  • But note that as train timing is likely to change many of the times, you can not stick to the booklet time every time.

Find Timing of Indian Railways by sending a SMS

  • Indian railways have introduced an amazing feature to check the train timing.
  • You can send a SMS To 57886 and get to the train timing instantly.
  • SMS format is as follows: IRTT [Train No] or IRTT [Train No] [Stn] and send it to 57886.
  • For example: IRTT 2052 send it to 57886.

Operational timing of Indian Railways

  • You can start making online booking from 00:30 A.M to 11:30 P.M on Indian Railways official website.
  • You can book train tickets in railway station from 8 a.m to 8 P.M in all days of week.
  • Tatkal ticket booking can be done only 48 hours before the journey date.
  • The timing of tatkal booking remains same as above.

For more information also visit: Indian Railways Timetable


> Timing of Indian Railways
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You can check railways timing

You can check railways timing by visiting http://www.pnrstatusbuzz.in/, it shows the current timing of train on a mouse click.

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