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Ram Aarti

Rama the avatar of Hindu mythology is the most popular creation in Hinduism. Mainly the ram’s life inherits from one of the two great epics of India –the Ramayana. Rama is also the seventh avatar of Vishnu and a remarkable king of Ayodhya in ancient India. Rama was born as the eldest son of kushalya and Dashartha who is definitely a figure of virtue. Being the husband of Sita, lord Rama is considered to be an avatar of Lakshmi and figure of perfect womanhood. In Hindu mythology, lord Rama is often referred as Maryada Purushottama.

Rama’s life is a burning example of dharma despite bitter tastes of lifespan. He is the perfect example of human since he served an exile of fourteen years in Ayodhya for the sake of his father’s honour. Rama’s wife Sita and Lakshman was not ready to live him so they decided to join his journey to exile. During Rama’s exile many mishaps happened to them like kidnapping of Sita by Ravana, the existence of Rakshasa’s monarchy of Lanka. But Rama with his bravery and virtue fought a fearful battle with Ravana and proved his powerful strength and finally rescued her wife.

After his exile from Ayodhya Rama was crowned and lastly he becomes emperor for the reign of eleven thousand years. Rama’s Rajya is an era of respect, perfect happiness lies there and prosperity as well as justice avail it. Rama’s anxious courage in searching Sita was really remarkable and his colossal fight with Ravana complemented by Sita’s respect of love towards her husband lord Rama despite being in Ravana’s confinement. Rama’s brother namely Lakshman, Shatrughna and Bharata firmly support his bravery, virtue and strength. Hanuman and the Varanasi of Kishkindha also attracted by Rama’s glowing character. Rama also devoted his life in religious values and duties with his endless passion.

Aarti offerings to Rama:

Aarti is a tone of respect, love towards god, and a way of seeking blessings from god by the Indians. Aarti is being performed with the use of five small diyas, or wicks made of cotton wool are being served with a metal tray by putting ghee and oil in it. It is also provided with lovely flowers with an enchanting tune. Aarti is being done mainly for diminishing the evil power and the renewal of peaceful life. So the Hindu religious people often devote their prayers to ("Aa" means "towards or to", and "rati" means "right or virtue") Lord Rama. Aarti session is likely to start after the end of puja. There is several songs of Aarti but one of it is listed below:

Ram Aarti

Shri Ramachandra kripalu bhaju man,
haran bhav bhai darunam.
Nav kanj lochan, kanj mukh,
kar kanj pad kanjarunam
Kandarp aganit amit chhavi,
Navvnil jiraj sundaram,
pat pit manahun tadit ruchi,
Suchi naumi Janakasutavaram.
Bhuj din bandu dinesh danav,
dusht dalan nikandanam,
Raghunand anand kand Kaushal,
chandra Dashrath nandanam.
Sir krit kundaltilak charu,
udar ang vibhushanam,
Ajanubhuj san-chap dhar,
sangramajit kharadushanam.
iti badit Tulasidas Shankar,
shesh muni man ranjanam,
Mam hridai kanj nivas kar,
kamadi khal dal bhanjanam.
Manujahi racheu milahi so bar sahaj sundarsanvaro,
Karuna nidhan sujan silu sanehu janat ravaro.
Ehi bhanti Gauri asis suni,
Siya sahit hiya harshin ali,
TuIsi bhavanihin puji-puni mudit man mandir chali.
Jani Gauri anukal,
Siya hiya harshu na jai kahi,
Manjul mangal mul,
bam ang pharkan lage.