Pin Code Bhubaneswar

Pin Code Bhubaneswar

Here is the list of all Pin Codes of Bhubaneswar as per areas and places which comes under every post office. PinCodes of Bhubaneswar starts from 001 and the main Bhubaneswar Head Office has zip code of 751001. Here is the full list of all codes -

751001 Bhubaneswar G.P.O.
751002 Old Bhubaneswar
751003 Surya Nagar
751004 Utkal University
751005 Sainik School
751006 Budheshwari Colony
751007 Sahidnagar
751008 Raj Bhawan
751009 Bhubaneswar Airport
751010 Rasulgarh
751011 C.R.P. Lines
751012 Nayapalli
751013 Laboratory
751014 B.J.B. Nagar
751015 I.R.C. Village
751016 Chandrashekharpur
751017 Mancheshwar
751018 Brit Colony
751019 Dumduma
751020 Palashpalli
751021 Sailashree Vihar
751022 Janpath
751023 S.E.Railway Project Complex
751024 K.I.I.T.
751026 Aerodrome Area
751030 Khandagiri
751031 Patia


> Pin Code Bhubaneswar
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Its look like a awesome

Its look like a awesome

what is the pincode of

what is the pincode of Lingraj Vihar , Pokhariput (near DAV school)

(No subject)

My friend tell me have you

My friend tell me have you recive any mony form this business. I know 1 point equel to 5 rupees if you have 300 points now you can recive 1500 rupees tell me yes or no.

where is jharpada or

where is jharpada or laxminagar?

it is in between kalpana

it is in between kalpana chawk to Rasulgarh.

Its an very useful site for

Its an very useful site for the peoples of Bhubaneswar and all over Odisha.

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