PAN Card Verification

PAN (Permanent Account Number) is a unique 10 digit number provided to individuals or companies by the Income tax department of the Government of India. In no case, two individuals can have identical PAN and also an individual can have more than one PAN. If you reapply for a PAN, in case of lost/stolen, you will get a new PAN card but the PAN will still remain the same.

Any financial transaction or Purchase or Sale of a product estimated above a limit of Rs. 50,000 should have the PAN quoted in the pertaining document. But there are chances for individuals to quote a Wrong/duplicate/fake PAN on the documents. In order to avoid these confusions and to act timely Income tax department has authorised the NSDL (National Securities Depository) to provide an online verification service for the verification of PAN’s by the respective entities.

The following entities are eligible to avail this facility:

• Government Agencies
• Reserve Bank of India
• Banks
• Depositories
• Depository participants
• Mutual Funds
• Companies, required to furnish annual information return
• Credit card companies
• Stock exchanges
• Companies and Government deductors who file the TDS/TCS returns.

This verification can be done in three modes.

1. Screen Based verification, where a maximum of five PAN’s can be furnished and submitted. The verification will be done online and a response will be given.

2. File Based Verification, where a user can upload a maximum of 200 Pan’s can be submitted. A response file will be sent in a maximum of 24 hours containing the details of the PAN. The file can be rejected if in case the format is incorrect.

3. Software Based Verification, is an interface that allows users to make instant verification of the PAN by accessing the verification site through a software application.

• In case of valid PAN the name of the PAN holder, date of PAN update and the status will be displayed as “existing and valid”.

• If the PAN is a fake PAN as per the database, the status will be “Fake PAN”.

• If in case the PAN is not found in the database, the response will be “not in ITD database”. If such cases if the user is able to provide a proof of a PAN, NDSL will forward the same to the ITD for investigation.


> PAN Card Verification
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Pan No : DMIPS7618R Full Name

Pan No : DMIPS7618R
Full Name : Chirag Ganpatsinh Solanki
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Pan No : DMIPS7618R Full Name

Pan No : DMIPS7618R
Full Name : Chirag Ganpatsinh Solanki
Father Name : Ganpatsinh Gemarsinh Solanki.
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I want to know the home

I want to know the home address of my friend through his PAN card no. Please instruct the process if it is possible.

"He's feeling very

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My name is Krishna Sasidharan

My name is Krishna Sasidharan Menon. DOB: 11th July 1953. My PAN is: abhpk7893d. Is it valid?

i am a twin.. me and my

i am a twin.. me and my sister have the same pan card number.. how to change this?

i am a twin.. me and my

i am a twin.. me and my sister have the same pan card number.. how to change this?


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Digital textbooks are far

Digital textbooks are far less expensive than their print counterparts. Professors can reorganize or delete chapters, upload course syllabuses, and even rewrite or delete individual paragraphs, equations or illustrations without consulting the original authors or publisher. Even so, the textbook market has one advantage over other markets: students are required to have the books for class. Although the used textbook market has rallied against the new, textbook revisions and additions have made it so new textbooks still get their share of the market.

Austin tiles are world famous and provide you many different types of tiles that can make your home look elegant and nothing can compare the royal look that the tiles of will give you.

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There are many different types and kinds of crossbows. A good and effective practical way to categorize crossbows is by applying what is known as the acceleration system. Another and just as effective way to classify the different crossbows is by their size and energy and also according to their degree of automation or projectiles or arrows. Recurve crossbows are bows that have tips curving away from the archer. The Recurve bow's bent extensions have a longer draw length than an equivalent straight extension bow, giving more acceleration to the projectile and less hand shock. Recurve crossbow appendages have been proved to place greater strain on the materials used to make the bow, and will therefore create more of a noise while performing the shot.

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When it comes to height specification of a stainless steel plate, internal and outer diameters, overall length and thickness are provided on the checklist. As for the different production guidelines, extrusion, forging, cold finishing, casting and hot rolling are considered. So that you can ensure the cleanness and smoothness of the output, electric arc furnaces are employed in the process. Lastly, efficiency features like resistance to wear and tear, damage and shock should be section of the criteria for selecting the industrial product.

鈥?Does the website builder

鈥?Does the website builder provide a comprehensive tutorial that guides you through the process? 鈥?How approachable and helpful is the contact support provided? 鈥?Does the website builder include web hosting service for configuring and publishing the website on the internet? 鈥?Do they offer free domain/sub domain name? 鈥?Does the service provider offer a free trial, if yes for what duration? 鈥?Are the terms and conditions of using the service reasonable? 鈥?Does the tool house a wide variety of quality templates, designs to choose from? 鈥?Is the user-interface straightforward enough for a beginner and hosts advanced features for use by a professional? 鈥?What are the plans/tariffs available to choose from? 鈥?Is there an option to include business email addresses, if yes what is the limit? 鈥?How compatible is the web building tool with browsers, search engines and social media? 鈥?Is there a way of monitoring the performance of the website? 鈥?What do the existing customers say about the service delivery?

An interesting event that occurred during formation of income taxation laws in America occurred during 1918. Up until then, a lot of revenue for government funding came from alcoholic beverage sales.

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Polybutylene-It is a non metallic material means it is used as a non metallic piping system and it is good for supplying of domestic drinking water but is banned by plumbing code some country because it has problem of leaking in dwelling but it is a light and very flexible material which can be easily installed and majorly can use for domestic dwelling for both hot water supply and for cold water supply.

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satellite receiver

Opposite to most people鈥檚 belief that kratom withdrawal is a hell, it isn鈥檛. It is not a false claim. Right way and full understanding of kratom use will keep you away from extreme withdrawals.


"" visit the link click on pay taxes online and fill and mandatory fields and click conform and check whether your name is displayed correctly then it is a valid pan no you can also use it to pay your income taxes online (choose challan 280)


"" visit the link click on pay taxes online and fill and mandatory fields and click conform and check whether your name is displayed correctly then it is a valid pan no you can also use it to pay your income taxes online (choose challan 280)


"" visit the link click on pay taxes online and fill and mandatory fields and click conform and check whether your name is displayed correctly then it is a valid pan no you can also use it to pay your income taxes online (choose challan 280)


"" visit the link click on pay taxes online and fill and mandatory fields and click conform and check whether your name is displayed correctly then it is a valid pan no you can also use it to pay your income taxes online (choose challan 280)

This is my Pan card Number :

This is my Pan card Number : ANQPN5394R
Please find its valid or not , If not tell me the way to valid. Because Paypal not accepting my pan card because of not valid.

Plz let me know whether tis

Plz let me know whether tis pan no is valid or not

Plz let me know whether tis

Plz let me know whether tis pan no is valid or not

my pan card no is BWTPP7542L.

my pan card no is BWTPP7542L. plz check it is valid or not....any info plz send to

my pan card no is BWTPP7542L.

my pan card no is BWTPP7542L. plz check it is valid or not....any info plz send to

my pan card no is BWTPP7542L.

my pan card no is BWTPP7542L. plz check it is valid or not....any info plz send to

sir, my name is rajesh jana.

sir, my name is rajesh jana. and my brother's name is rakesh jana. we applied for pan card. Both the pan cards have same pan no. AKSPJ3493Q.
Please tell what to do? Will it cause any problem.

Verify pan n

Verify pan n

kindly check if my pan number

kindly check if my pan number is valid or not.

My Name is Gurumoorthy

My Name is Gurumoorthy Subramanian my PAN Number is AICPG4982F.Is it valid pan or not?

sir this is my PAN number

sir this is my PAN number ECKPS5437K , i want to know this number is valid or not.



Sir i would like to verify my

Sir i would like to verify my pan card address. Also want to change my address/ pls advise.



Please let me know the Name

Please let me know the Name and other details for PAN No : AGLB993686



MY PAN card number is :

MY PAN card number is : CBWPS2583R

plz let me know weather it's a valid or not.



please give me full details

please give me full details of pan no.BSSPS4876H



Pan Card No. AGKPP0305K Name

Pan Card No. AGKPP0305K
Name : Sarika Palo
Father Name: Sekhar Sudhansu Palo
Date of Birth: 12.08.1976

Please let me know this Pan card is valid or not







I went confirm our name on

I went confirm our name on pan card. Pan Card no is 4utb289 .my mobile no. is 8126883568

I went confirm our name on

I went confirm our name on pan card. Pan Card no is 4utb289 .my mobile no. is 8126883568

I went confirm our name on

I went confirm our name on pan card. Pan Card no is 4utb289 .my mobile no. is 8126883568

I went confirm our name on

I went confirm our name on pan card. Pan Card no is 4utb289 .my mobile no. is 8126883568

I want to know what name is

I want to know what name is in the record of Income Tax Department under my PAN no: BSJPS3012E



I want to know what name is

I want to know what name is in the record of Income tax department under my PAN card No: BSJPS3012E.



PAN card which no. is

PAN card which no. is AIBPK7034P for verification



PAN card No. verivication

PAN card No. verivication

want to know whose pan card

want to know whose pan card is this
I JUST GOT IT, nd please tell me the address for this PAN card.
Its urgent
My mail id is

Pan No :

Pan No : CIRPS8596N

Hi sir, plz send this pan

Hi sir,

plz send this pan card Number BCDPM2749E Full Details . to my email.It is very urgent.
my email :

Pan No ; BCDPM2749E Name In

Pan No ; BCDPM2749E

Pls tell my PAN NO if your

Pls tell my PAN NO if your company is worth two hoots otherwise u r ALSO FAKE



want to know whos pan card is

want to know whos pan card is this


My PAN No : BOUPP4345A

Last Name/SurName -

Last Name/SurName - PRABHU

my pan no is AELPS0577D PLZ

my pan no is AELPS0577D

i want to know my full detail

i want to know my full detail my pan is bvjpk1535m

Last Name/Surname

Last Name/Surname :SINGH
Middle Name :PRASAD

(No subject)

(No subject)

Dear sir i have pan card but

Dear sir i have pan card but in that my photo is not good so i want to change my pan card photo

Hi, I have applied for a PAN

I have applied for a PAN card and is yet to come, Kindly let me know what to do. My company is adking me to update PAN number else around 32K is cut from my salary, can i Update it once i get pan card? if so how much money will i lose



PAN card no.CHDPS9515E issued

PAN card no.CHDPS9515E issued to me, please inform whether it is valid or not

PAN - permanent account

PAN - permanent account Number / its permanent, no one in India got the same number.Pan No is active after 15 or more yr of u r death.

(No subject)

Dear.. My name is sanjay

My name is sanjay kumar s/o
ram bahadur singh and
my pan card no is "CANPK3106L"
please tell me that is this valid or not



verify your pan card or check

verify your pan card or check your pan card details or any other information you looking for may find here .

pan no. AFEPM1566J name is

pan no. AFEPM1566J name is Beauty manna.
Husbands name is written on the card instead of fathers name i.e., biswajit manna.
Is this card valid?

My pan no is DIKPS7164C, PLZ.

My pan no is DIKPS7164C, PLZ. VERIFY, whether it is correct or not.



Please let me know this PAN

Please let me know this PAN ID (BIRPM4781Q)is valid in what name.



please let me know my pan

please let me know my pan no.(BIRPM4781Q)valied . Give me the information about it.



Hi, can you please help me I

Hi, can you please help me I have 1000 Pan number and i need information that pan numbers for payment its urgent please help us thanx



Please verify Pan

Please verify Pan No:AVHPR7760G PAN Holder Name:Moti Ur Rehman

We have deducted TDS for this

We have deducted TDS for this person so please verify PAN Number of MOTI UR REHMAN

Hello Sir, Recently My Mother

Hello Sir,
Recently My Mother applied for PAN CARD throug an Agency. And have got BIIPP2794R PAN Card and when the same has been updated at SBI Bank, they said its not a valid PAN Card as it was not found online but when we reached the agent, he showed that online (im not sure about the web site). Please let me know how or where to check about the GENUNITY of PAN Card.

My pan card number is

My pan card number is AKTPB6971C. My Name is Akash Bavlecha. I'm not able to validate my Pan record online. I have applied for stock broking agency and the have validated my records and told that my surname is not proper in their database as on card.

My surname is actual on my card.

Can you please give me actual details on this card.

Please let me know what shall I do?

Sir My pan card number is

Sir My pan card number is AMPPT1725L is it valid and please check the name of the pan card holder

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