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Nilgiris Supermarket

Nilgiris Supermarket

Information about Nilgiris supermarket

Nilgiris is the oldest and leaders in the series of supermarkets, since its inception. The chain of hypermarket was established in 1905 for the promotion of the products, the company deals with and gave “Nilgiris 1905” name to the brand. In all the grocery shops and supermarkets, it sells various privately owned brands and products. Nilgiris, located in the South part of India is well-known to the locals for its high-quality services and products. The company comprises a vague grip over the customers in the most persistently growing supermarket series bouncing up in all the places such as Spencer who has taken over the “Food world”.


Nilgiris, a supermarket chain was founded by “Muthusamy Mudaliar”, who used to work for the British in colonial India as a mail runner. He used to carry cheques and letters from Mettupalayam to diverse hill stations such as Coonoor and Ooty for the British. In 1905, he opened his first shop after the business of butter retailing in Vannarpet. Then he opened a dairy with the name of Nilgiris Dairy Farm Ltd, which got established in 1936, and then he shifted this store to Brigade in Bangalore. The specialization of the store was to offer a dairy,, chocolate and bakery products for the locals.

Growth of Nilgiris Supermarket

The business was further expanded by Chennaiappam, son of Muthusamy into the supermarket format. The ambience of the supermarket mainly focuses the culture of India and has stores in various cities and states like Chennai, Coimbatore and Erode, to name a few.

What Nilgiri Supermarket offers? The products offered by Nilgiris supermarket solely aims to cater to the needs of household goods, which are very important for our everyday life. The products include dairy products, food grains, toiletries, pickles, beverages, edible oils, pet food, gift articles, cosmetics, greeting cards, ready to eat products, educational CD’s, junk jewellery, toys and bakery items.

The supermarket also provides dairy products, which include milk, cheese and butter. The company also offers marketing and packaging of its own products such as rice, flours and spices.

Major locations

The supermarkets of Nilgiris are basically based on a retail sector of the south and are leaders in bakery products. The outlets of Nilgiris supermarket are located in almost every area of the South, which comprises Bangalore, Erode, Chennai, Salem, Combaitore, Pondicherry, Mysore and Visahakapatnam.


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