Nashik Police

In order to look in the matters of law and order and keep an eye on the peace of the city the nashik police is totally committed towards it duty of upholding and enforcing rules for the welfare of people.

Their motive is to serve and protect the people from any misdeed and take actions towards crime to make the city safe for common man. since 1990 i.e. when nashik police commissionerate came into existence it has been working with all the strength towards their duty .keeping their personal integrity high they strive for excellence in every field of work and duty bringing in the transparency and continuity in the motive. They even tend to implement technology in their working prospective as the modern era symbol.

Branches of nashik police alongwith the head of brach:

Ambad Police Station
Shree G V Patil
Telephone Number: +91-0253-2393341 / Mobile -
Bhadrakali Police Station
Shri M M Kale - Sr.Police Inspector
Telephone Number: +91-0253-2590333
Devlali Camp Police Station
Shree K.D. Katkar -Sr. Police Inspector
Telephone Number: +91-0253-2491233
Gangapur Police Station
Shree A.T. Powar- Sr.Police Inspector
Telephone Number: +91-0253-2305242
Nashik Road Police Station
Shree S.D. Walke-Sr. Police Inspector
Telephone Number: +91-0253-2465133
Panchvati Police Station
Shree D K Dayma - Sr.Police Inspector
Telephone Number: +91-0253-2511633 / Mobile
Sarkarwada Police Station
Shree PI D G Walunjkar - Sr.Police Inspector
Telephone Number: +91-0253-2319631 / Mobile
Satpur Police Station
Shri M.K. Akolkar- Sr.Police Inspector
Telephone Number: +91-0253-2305238
Control room contact details;
Control room Tele No. 2305233 / 230523

Shree D.S. Thakur (A.C.P.) 2305211

Shree A.G. Karpe (P.I.) 2305233

Shree. S.Z. Vaishnav (Wireless PI) 2305234

Shree V.P. Lokre (API) 2305234

Shree D.S. Sanas (API) 2305234

Shree S.C.Ahire (PSI)

Shree. Diwan ( Wireless PI) 2305234
Few more important numbers :

Nasik Control Room
Police Commissioner Office
2570183, 2352122
Special Branch
Road Transport Office
Police Head Quarter
Maharashtra Police Academy
Bhadrakali Police Station
Sarkarwada Police Station
Panchvati Police Station
Crime Branch


> Nashik Police
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I like you website very much.

I like you website very much. It is very helpful to us.
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