Meerut police

The motto of Meerut police is '"Protection of Good, Destruction of Bad"' Uttar Pradesh police, in order to maintain the law and order has divided itself in 8 different zones; being the largest police force. These zones are headed by an officer of Indian police service on the rank of inspector general of police. Since 1861 when Indian police was formed, Uttar Pradesh police is operational. Senior superintendent of police is the head of the police district. under the district magistrate who is an officer of Indian administrative service There are 2 to 3 police ranges constituted in each police zone, so there are 2 to 4 districts in each range, a total of 71 police districts in the state. Meerut is one of the 8 zones of Uttar Pradesh police. There are 2 ranges and 6 districts in meerut police.

The zone ranges and districts of meerut police are mentiones below:
1 Meerut{range}

1 Meerut
2 Baghpat 3 Ghaziabad 4 Bulandshahr 5 Gautam Budh Nagar
2 Saharanpur{range}

1 Saharanpur
2 Muzaffarnagar
Contact details of Police Administration Meerut

1 Inspector General of Police, Meerut Zone 7633664 763733
2 Dy. Inspector General of Police, Meerut Region 642550 641566
3 Dy. Inspector General of Police, PAC,Meeut 644152 646006
4 Senior Superintendent of Police, Meerut 660548 664634
5 Superintendent of Police(City), Meerut 640547 650833
6 Superintendent of Police (Rural Area), Meerut 660545 664622
7 Additional Suprintendent of Police, Meerut 640153 666261
8 Circle Officer, City-I 516924 666637
9 Circle Officer, City-II 516251 544540
10 Circle Officer, City-III 510742 546261
11 Circle Officer, City-IV 763792 546637
12 Circle Officer, City-V 640547 640401
13 Circle Officer, Sardhana 92736040 648457
14 Circle Officer, Mawana 40250 40339
15 Circle Officer, Kithore 640547 646569
16 Circle Officer 640547 640401
17 Circle Officer,L.I.U. 543370 645527
18 C.B.I.D. 556266
19 Staff Officer,I.G. Zone 764949
20 Commandant, 44th Vahini, P.A.C. 762850 769646
21 Commandant, 6th Vahini, P.A.C. 648626 645416
22 Police Training School, Meerut 768121 768225
23 108 Rapid Action Force, Meerut 510569 763493
24 S.P. Intelligence, Meerut 643310 644779
25 S.P. Vigilance's, Meerut 640277
26 S.P. E.O.W. 644096
27 S.P. Jail 760041 767107
28 Circle Officer, Anticorruption 641573 640952
29 Circle Officer, Hydel 642881 643013
30 Chief Fire Officer, Meerut 643600 643631


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Kindly provide me full

Kindly provide me full address of superintendent of police (Rural) Meerut.
I have to fill address for joining purpose

Lots of Fictitious Currency

Lots of Fictitious Currency Notes in denomination of Rs. 500/- and 100/- are smuggled through Badmer and Bikaner side of Pakistan from that Country. The modus oprendi seems to be from a Mohalla Pathana in Murad Nagar town of Meerut/Ghaziabad District, U.P.. The Father Son Duo visit that Bikaner Area in the garb of getting large Cloth supply orders from the dealers of that area and smuggle the currency in to Utter Pradesh. Even large scale smuggling of foreign goods is goin on through thatr country (Pakistan) and these people are connected to the smugglers' gang in Pakistan. A thorough house to house search in Mohalla Pathana in Murad Nagar town of Meerut/Ghaziabad District will reveal a lot to the Police administration. This is a fact and should be thoroughly investigated.

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