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MTNL Data Plan

MTNL Data Plan

There are a great many advantages to the MTNL Data Plan. Every new MTNL Data Plan uses the new ADSL lines, and provides excellent value for money. ADSL itself means Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line. This is a line especially adapted to Internet use, because the speed at which data moves in such a line is not the same both ways, with downloads functioning up to 10 times faster than uploads.

You can imagine that such a system makes Internet browsing a real pleasure, because this system largely matches the proportions of upload and download used in standard Internet browsing. This system is really an international standard, and works far better than using a modem or any similar sort of adapter – basically, this system has changed the very physical baseline upon which the Internet works, allowing a user to experience far higher browsing and download speeds.

The system even includes 'splitters' devices that ensure that you can use both the internet and the telephone simultaneously. Charges vary, of course, dependent on the MTNL Data Plan that you use. Here is a short overview of different plans, with some information on each.

MTNL Data Plan 1:Called the DSL_Unlimited_395, this plan provides a speed of 320Kbps, with unlimited downloads and all this for just Rs. 395, which is excellent value for money. Moreover, you can effect even greater savings by paying for an entire year, further reducing the cost of the connection.

Intermediate Data Plans: There are many MTNL Data Plans after this, that give greater speeds at a proportionally greater price. However, all of them are reasonably charged, and still give value for money. There is no such thing as the 'best' MTNL Data Plan – rather, you have to choose one dependent on your needs. If all you do is check your mail and browse a bit, the first plan detailed above is excellent for your purposes. On the other hand, if you go in for heavy downloads, the DSL_Unlimited_999, which gives a comfortable 1 Mbps and costs about a thousand rupees might be more to your taste.


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