Indian Railway Train Schedules

Indian Railway’s train schedule can be tracked out easily by various available methods provided by Indian Railways exclusively for the convenience of its passengers.

Different instant methods to check Indian Railway train schedules

  • Check Indian Railway train schedule on phone
  • Check Indian Railway train schedule through SMS
  • Check Indian Railway train schedule online
  • Check Indian Railway train schedule in person.

How to check Indian Railway train schedule on phone

Read Indian Railway Timetable, Indian Railway Inquiry, Indian Railway Reservation too.

  • Dial 139 on your mobile or landline phone.
  • Next step is to your preferable language.
  • Now dial the instructed number to know a specific train’s timing.
  • Next step is to enter the train number. If the entered train number is valid, you will be asked to dial the date of journey.
  • date of journey should be dialed in dd/mm/yy format. For example if you are travelling on 23rd October 2010, you must dial 22102010.
  • If the entry is right your train schedule will be dictated.

How to check Indian Railway train schedule via SMS

  • You can use another advanced feature to check Indian Railway train schedule instantly.
  • Send a text message to 57886 and get an instant response specifying your train schedule by Indian railway management.
  • Text message format should be IRTT [Train No] or IRTT [Train No] [Stn] and you can send it to 57886.
  • For example if your train number is 6628 then send it as follows IRTT 6628 to 57886.

How to check Indian Railways Train Schedule online

  • Indian railways has launched many official websites for the various day to day transaction of trains.
  • Visit and click on the trains between stations. This is the most convenient link over any other available link because you need to just specify the train source and destination name.
  • After the right entry complete details of train will be displayed.
  • You can also visit and log in through customer account and check the train schedule.

How to Check Indian Railways train schedules in person

  • Suppose your plan of journey is confirmed then advisable way to check the train schedule in the railway station would be in the booking counter.
  • You can submit your application form to book the ticket and the train schedule.
  • Suppose you are just making a casual check then best way is to approach the enquiry counter where concerned people are exclusively hired to tell the passengers right train schedule.
  • Finally another option would be to check on the electronic text display device which is placed near the entrance of the railway station. In some railway stations you will be able to see only normal train chart board with the timing written on it.

> Indian Railway Train Schedules
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