Indian Passport for Minor

Indian Passport for Minor
In India children under the age of fifteen years are considered as minors. To obtain an Indian Passport for Minor has a separate procedure. An ordinary passport for a child below the age of 15 years, containing thirty-six pages shall be in force for a period of 5 years from the date of its issue or until the child attains the age of 15 years, which ever is earlier.

For minors there are some additional documents required for Indian Passport. Following are the additional documents for Indian Passport for Minor,

  • Attested Photocopies of first four and last four pages of valid Passport, if any, of at least one parent in which the other parent's name is entered OR photocopies of application fee receipt in case parents’ passports are under process at Regional Passport Office. Parent's passport should have the same address as that in the minor's application in the Present Address column.
  • An affidavit by both parents giving their consent to the issue of a passport to their minor child. If one of the parents of the minor applicant is abroad, an affidavit conveying his/her No Objection to issue of passport to the minor, countersigned by the authorized officer in the Indian Mission abroad should be furnished.
  • If the minor applicant is solely in the care of a single parent an affidavit should be submitted.
  • In case of legally divorced parents, the order from the competent court ordering the custody of the child is required to be attached to the application unless the divorce decree itself contains the order pertaining to the custody of the child.
  • In case of separated but not divorced parents, an affidavit to be submitted by the parent applying for minor child's passport.
  • If the minor applicant is in the care of legal guardian then sworn affidavits respectively should be furnished.
  • Birth certificate/School certificate towards proof of date of birth and name of parents.

For adopted Child
In the case of an adopted child, application should be submitted by the adopting parents along with Adoption Deed registered with the Registrar. A court order in respect of guardianship and permitting the child to be taken out of the country is necessary for issuing the passport. For children adopted from Orphanages / Charitable institutions, the order of the competent Court granting custody of the child to the adopting parents is also required to be furnished along with the application.


> Indian Passport for Minor
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I am a single mother to my

I am a single mother to my 5year old daughter n z living separately since last 1year.i wanna know that will an affidavit work in my case coz in passport office they say I need to submit the divorce papers n the custody papers only then I can apply for my kids passport. Please clear my doubt and send me proper details of what to do n how to do in such situations. In wait for ur response.

We applied for a passport for

We applied for a passport for our adopted minor child. The passport office has taken the original Adoption deed which also contains the original court order. Why do they take the original adoption documents? We do not have the originals now. Will we not have a problem later?

What is the minimum age for

What is the minimum age for obtaining the passport?
My son is of 1.5 yrs old can i apply for his passport?

i want info abt validity of

i want info abt validity of passport for age group 15 to 18 and procedure invovled in it

i want to obtain a passport

i want to obtain a passport of a minor child. but i married to a divorcee having a child from her previous husband. what should i do for that?

Is it necessary to have an

Is it necessary to have an adoption deed? I mean, we have a birth certificate issued by the relevant authority and the child was adopted after due process of law. Our child does not know she is adopted, so why should the information be leaked to her just to get a passport made?

I swathi aged about 26 years

I swathi aged about 26 years of indian origin and staying in india.
now the question is i am adopted by my father brother at my child hood. But there is no adoption deed registered in any required laws. In all my education certificates and income tax records mentioned my adoptive father name.

now what are document are required to apply passport.

Expecting an early reply

i am indian (hindhu)my wife

i am indian (hindhu)my wife is srilankan shinhala we have two sons helder son birth from srilanka he got pass port from srilanka. young son birth from india and i got birth certificate from taluka office in india as a original can get indian passport my two sons and what is the rule & document required send to me as soon as possible pls.

I have been to an agent for

I have been to an agent for the passport of my minor children. I am a single parent separated from my husband. The agent says that a single parent cannot apply for the passport of the minor without a judicial divorce deed from the court.But THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE PASSPORT OFFICE CLEARLY SAYS THAT AFFIDAVIT C CAN BE ENCLOSED IN SUCH A CASE. Which is true ????

Expecting an early reply.

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