ICICI mortgage loan

A Mortgage loan is offered on mortgage property like commercial mortgage, personal mortgage, real estate property. Types of mortgage rates are Fixed Rate Mortgage, Adjusted Rate Mortgage, Prime Rate.

ICICI mortgage loan provides loan against property at a low rate of interest with an easy pay back period.

The basic features of ICICI mortgage loan are

1 Getting higher loan amounts- The borrower can get higher loan amounts for the purchase of property, in which the property itself is pledged as security. The Bank lends the borrower up to 60% of the value of his or her residential property and 45% of the value of the borrower's commercial property.

2 Easy monthly installments- The Bank offers up to 15 years of back periods with easy monthly installments.

3 Covers Insurance- The borrower getting mortgage loan can avail the benefit of insurance cover for the property.One can get loan against the security of ones existing property.

4 Security for Mortgage-There are flexibilities to opt for commercial or residential property as security.

5 Expertised Mortgage Officers- one can get advice from the experienced mortgage officers.

6 Renovate Homes- one can renovate homes by getting ICICI mortgage loan.

7 Expansion of business- With ICICI mortgage loan one can expand his or her existing business or start a new business.

8 Documentation- minimum number of documentation are required to avail ICICI mortgage loan.

9 The customer is required to provide adequate securities against loan.

10 Mortgage refinancing- This scheme allows the customers to take up a second mortgage in order to repay the first mortgage. This benefits the customers with the low interest rates etc.

Hence its customer can avail many facilities by taking loan from ICICI against purchase of property.


> ICICI mortgage loan
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regarding mortgage loans

regarding mortgage loans

Looking for a Mortgage Loan

Looking for a Mortgage Loan against Commercial Property of Value Rs. 4 to Rs. 4.5 crores for a period of 15 years

Please revert with rates and requirements.

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