How to Register New Shop

How to Register New Shop?

Day by day, lots of new shops are being opened. It is very essential to register a new shop or any new business. Although it has been said that there are no registration requirements needed with any of the local authority or health and safety executive for newly started businesses such as shops, offices, factories and certain other railway premises. Yet, under certain rules and regulations you still have to register these new businesses depending on its type.

Certain examples to register new shops include the following. The food and catering shops has to fulfill the food standards to meet the registration requirements that are to be enforced by any local authorities related to that. Other shops which include business which are operated under certain high risk factors and undertaking certain dangerous and explosive materials should also be registered in order to acquire a license for running it efficiently with out any problems.

The following are the documents to be submitted to register a new shop. You should obtain a no objection certificate or letter of document from your previous owner, a certificate from the concerned authority to run the new shop, to execute your new business in a smooth manner should obtain a registration certificate from a VAT office, Income tax pan card number. There should be a current account in any local bank in the name of the new shop.

Out of all the things mentioned above, you can immediately start to register a new shop and open it provided you should have a no objection certificate from the owner of the property. The remaining things can be dealt with later after opening the shop. You can also register a new shop online by providing details like your name, residential address, location of your shop, email id, etc.


> How to Register New Shop
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i i want to open my new

i want to open my new computer classis in village waghjipur ,name is Tejash computer classis, should i register?

i want to register my shop

i want to register my shop

I have registered my new shop

I have registered my new shop (easyindia enterprises) through online in labour can i get orignal certificate of registration in shop&estabhishment .plz send me all details

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mobile sale, reapering , dounloding & all work
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