HDFC OTP (One Time Passport) for IVR Transaction

HDFC Bank from 1st of February 2011 is offering extra layer of protection for online IVR Transactions by offering one time password service.

With online transactions, HDFC and all Indian banks are already offering Sourcesafe password but sourcesafe passwords were not needed for IVR transactions so as per RBI orders, similar password feature has also been enabled by HDFC Bank for IVR (on phone) transactions of credit cards

How does HDFC OTP (one time password) works ?

When making any IVR Transaction/Purchase from HDFC credit cards, the user has to send an SMS to 9717465555 with text as PWD <last_4_digits_of_credit_card>, for e.g. PWD 1234 and the password will come on the phone.

The password for IVR transaction will remain valid for 1 hour and will only be sent to the phone which is registered with that HDFC credit card.

Contact HDFC Bank

For more information, customers can contact HDFC Customer Care or can contact HDFC PhoneBanking or can email to HDFC at:


> HDFC OTP (One Time Passport) for IVR Transaction
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I missed my depit card so I

I missed my depit card so I got new one in bank they told u get your pin aftr 3 days in bank come and collect, after 3 days they send one otp to my mobile I have some issue with my mobile so I didn't see the message aftr a week I went to bank and ask about pin they told u have to call phone banking I spent 100 rs fr phone banking now also I am not get the one time password. what is solution for it

I am in Germany for my

I am in Germany for my masters and my registered number is not working.Can I get the OTP on my registered email ID?? Please help!

How to get an one time

How to get an one time password for online purchase?

This is the new no you have

This is the new no you have to use 5676712

(No subject)

i forgot my password.... what

i forgot my password....
what next?

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