Government College of Engineering Wadgaon Amravati

Government College of Engineering, Wadgaon, Amravati was established in the year 1964 as the Third Plan by the Government of Maharashtra along with three other engineering colleges. It was initially affiliated to the Nagpur University, but the affiliation hen got transferred to the Amravati University. The college was finally awarded autonomous status from the academic year 2006-2007 owing to its tremendous contribution for training students and for conducting extensive research in the field of Science and Technology.

The college is managed by highly experienced and eminent educationists consisting of a board of four I.I.T. Professors and industrialists, and the board of studies etc. The institute is financed by the World Bank under the Technical Education Quality Improvement Program (TEQIP) of the Govt. of India.

Infrastructure of Government College of Engineering Wadgaon Amravati

The college campus is spread over a sprawling campus of 105 acres and has state of art infrastructure including a fully stocked library, state of art laboratories, hostel facilities, workshop, and a gymkhana.

Courses offered in Government College of Engineering Wadgaon Amravati:

The institute offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various disciplines as under:

Undergraduate courses:

Bachelor of Engineering in

Civil engineering (60 seats)
Mechanical engineering (60 seats)
Electrical engineering (60 seats each)
Electronics & telecommunication (40 seats)
Computer science & engineering (40 seats)
Instrumentation engineering (40 seats)
Information Technology (40 seats)
Chemical engineering (40 seats)

Postgraduate Courses

Master of Engineering in

Environmental Engineering (13 Seats)
Geo-Technical Engineering (13 Seats)
Structural Engineering (13 Seats)
Advanced Electronics (13 Seats)
Electrical Power System (18 Seats)
Thermal Power Engineering (13 Seats)
Electrical Power Systems (13 Seats)
Structural Engineering (18 Seats)
Thermal Engineering (18 Seats)

Contact Details of Government College of Engineering Wadgaon Amravati:

Govt. College Of Engineering & Technology, Amravati




Email: -,

Official Website:


> Government College of Engineering Wadgaon Amravati
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