Electronics for u

Electronics for u(also known as EFY or Electronics for You) came out in 1969. It was set up in Delhi by the efforts of Mr. Ramesh Chopra and his father Mr. S.P.Chopra, Electronics for u is a product of EFY Pvt. Ltd. This was established by Mr. S.P. Chopra who has a long experience in the field of journalism and is the present chairman of the organisation, with his son Mr. R. Chopra who is a gem of IIT-Madras.

Description of Electronics for u

Father and son started the set up in one room in the year 1969 in New Delhi. EFY came into presence after the publication of its first magazine Electronics for u. Its first issue came out when India’s electronics industry was just coming into existence; televisions were also not manufactured at that time. As industry started growing the magazine started becoming popular and with in very few years the magazine made its presence felt among the youths of India and gained tremendous response not only from the young generation, but also from the old ones. Now this magazine has half of more than 50 cores of readers. Its main aim is to provide with the ability to reads so that they can obtain maximum from the IT sector around them, to introduce the readers with what their business requirements can be achieved. The magazine has proved equally beneficial for the employees as well as for the employers.

Achievements of Electronics for u

The largest selling technical magazine is Electronics for u. It has business of worth Rs. 20 million to 5000 million. On February 15 2008: EFY groups organized an award ceremony where they announced 26 awards for 26 different product categories. These awards included ‘Life Time Achievement award’ and ‘Electronics man of the Year award’.
These awards were awarded by Salman Khurshid, the former minister of state of external affairs in government of India.

Contact Details of Electronics for u

D-87/1 Okhla
Industrial Area Phase I
New Delhi 110020
Phone: 011 - 26810601/2/3
Fax: 011-26817563
Email: info@efyindia.com


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efy is vary helpfull in

efy is vary helpfull in project and knowledge

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