E Marine Insurance Policy Of Tata Aig General Insurance

Tata AIG General Insurance wants to provide something which is different and providing importance to its customers. To provide this assistance and fulfil the dream we have launched e Marine Insurance Policy. This product has now come to India. Prior to India, Tata AIG General Insurance has already tested this in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and Philippines. This proves that this product has cell positive reasons to be called e Marine. e Marine or Electronic marine is a product which has been designed in a manner that makes it easy for manners to operate mariners or people who are busiest and are not able to give much time. Therefore we have come up with product that as per the mariner times he can operate any time anywhere.

There are lot of usefulness of this product. By taking this a person specially a mariner’s insurance can be started anytime anywhere as per the comfort ability of the mariners. We have given specific id and password so that it can be viewed by end number of the people in the same time. Once a policy is made, customers would be able to see the progress of insurance step by step. As per the customers convince, they would be able to view the amount deposit in their account as well. The website has a special unique emblem which helps to recognize the authority of the site. From anywhere in the world e mariners would be able to use without any harassment as there is no extra lost, nor we need to have any extra software. What we need is just internet and Acrobat Reader Version and above.

We understand that when a client gives all details of themselves it is our responsibility to keep these details very confidentially. Keeping this in mind, tool is designed in the similar manner. All people will not be given the access to see the details provided. While putting or viewing the details of one moves from system, automatically it goes in a mode where we need to put a password again to access, that is password protected. The server is maintained in such a manner that it abides by the standard norm and conditions. This is specially designed and made for mariners and only one thing available so far.


> E Marine Insurance Policy Of Tata Aig General Insurance
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Marine Insurance policy:

Marine Insurance policy: 800044691.
I would like to have complete details.

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