Digital TV Recharge Voucher

The history of DTH services in India started way back in 1996.However only in 2006; Indian Government finally approved its commercial launch and transmission.

This decision revolutanalize TV viewing experience. India has become a leading DTH service provider in the world. Major business houses of India like TATA, RELIANCE, and AIRTEL etc launched their DTH services.

Customers can subscribe to their packages and can recharge it too using various simple techniques. Recharge Voucher is one such technique.

A Recharge Voucher is used for making payments. It is similar to a credit card except that the balance must be paid in full. These vouchers can be purchased from your nearest DTH service providers outlet.
Below are the methods described to recharge your connection:-

Dish TV:

Call CSR helpline number 1860-180-858 to recharge DISH TV subscription.

Customer can send SMS with their ITZ Card details to 57575 and their account would be recharged: ITZ DISHTV < 11 Digit VC Number > < Amount > < ITZ Account Number > < ITZ Password >

Subscriber can log in to the website and click on the Recharge Now Link on the Home Page. Enter the VC Number. Select A-la-Carte packs. Make your payment using the ITZ Card payment option by entering your ITZ Account number and Password.

Log on to and recharge Dish TV subscription from the bank account.

Big TV:

Big TV recharge methods include recharge from Credit Cards/Net Banking.

Recharge via Cash Card / Oxigen Card .Just enter your Smart Card Number and the Cash Card / Oxigen Number and click on ‘Recharge’ button to recharge your subscription/account at their website

To recharge your Reliance BIG TV account, please call Toll Free Numbers 022 30337474 or 1800 200 9002 (toll free).

1.Enter your 12 digit Smart Card Number.
2.Enter the 12 digit PIN available on the Cash Card.
3.At the end of the transaction the IVR will confirm successful recharge

Tata Sky:

Recharging Tata Sky account has got much easier nowadays.
Customer can choose from any of the four payment options: - Payment via credit card, auto debit facility, payment via recharge voucher, mobile recharge and cheque payment facility.

Airtel TV:

Airtel TV provides a convenient and easy recharge options.

Recharge by IVR

Call Airtel CSR on toll free number 1800 102 8080 or 020-40181400 (tolled).

Recharge on the web

Logon to using the login ID and password. Click on Recharge button. Choose your payment mode. Click on Pay Now.

Recharge through Airtel mobile

Recharge your digital TV account with an SMS

SMS PAYDIGITALTV <Amount> <10-digit Customer ID> and send it to 543219 for a hassle-free recharge.


> Digital TV Recharge Voucher
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sir i have recharge my dish

sir i have recharge my dish tv account with Rs 200 i am not able to watch much of the channels sir kindly instruct me to watch more channels which can be added to the existing pack

i want recharge digital tv

i want recharge digital tv but i do,nt know rate of digital tv monthly rent

ADD OFFER1 start on airtel

ADD OFFER1 start on airtel digiteltv 9828982626

masti music channel add in

masti music channel add in 160 rs pack(new super hindi value pack) my id is 3002348961

please add channel MUSIC

please add channel MUSIC INDIA ,ZING,zee premier zee action B4U MOVIES CHANNELS IN 160 RS PACK PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE................................................PLEASE

how do chick the airtel

how do chick the airtel digitaltv balance in wapsite

i have recharge voucher. how

i have recharge voucher. how to recharge my airtel digital setup box plz answer me.

please aircel my cell phone

please aircel my cell phone recharge

hai am lingaraju

hai am lingaraju

no comment

no comment



dear,sir i have recharged my

dear,sir i have recharged my airtel tv .but unfartunately recharge should be in other id so how could i racive my payement back

PAY 9974534776289840

PAY 9974534776289840 3002797482





I want to recharge my airtel

I want to recharge my airtel digitaltv

I want to recharge digital

I want to recharge digital tv

i like buddha and his dhamma

i like buddha and his dhamma

i like buddha and his dhamma

i like buddha and his dhamma

pl exolain on line recharge

pl exolain on line recharge

pl explain online recharge

pl explain online recharge

again&again same screen is

again&again same screen is displayed how to recharge my airtel digital tv



thank airtel digital tv to

thank airtel digital tv to give you mpege picture

the digita tv is chutiya or

the digita tv is chutiya or not

yes it is chuuutiya

yes it is chuuutiya



free recharge

free recharge

I want to see our account

I want to see our account information on which site.

recharge with 100/-

recharge with 100/-

hi i am santanu

hi i am santanu

airtel dth provide recharge

airtel dth provide recharge coupens 100,150,500,100,750 which give full talktime

recharge my account

recharge my account

recharge my account

recharge my account



Dear Sir, I have installed

Dear Sir, I have installed your DTH in my flat at Chennai.The current account balance is low. Presently I am in Palakkad and I may not able to go to Chennai now. How can I recharge my account from Palakkad. It can be done through the net and in this case can I use my Debit Card instead of Credit Card.
My Customer ID: 3000942892
Expecting your reply soon

i can solved ur problem if u

i can solved ur problem if u believe me...
reply me on my mail id

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