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Bhagyashree Child Welfare Policy Looking Out For The Girl’s Future

This policy is especially made to cover one girl child in the family in case there the child loses either or both the parents in an accident. In case of the death of the parents the company will deposit a sum of Rs.25000/- in the girl child’s name as mentioned in the schedule along with the financial institution as mentioned on the schedule of the policy. This policy is available on a 24 hours risk basis. The premium amount is for Rs.15/- per year per child. Group discounts is also available.

This policy covers the death or disablement of the parents caused by accidents due to falling from mountain, snake bite, animal bite, insect bite, washing away in floods, drowning, earthquake, cyclone and other natural calamities, terrorist activities, murder. In case of the woman death is included and PTD caused due to surgical operations like caesarean, sterilisation, hysterectomy i.e. removal of breasts and uterus due to cancer operation, death during child birth in the operation theatre in the hospital and death within 7 days of operation in the hospital.

This policy is applicable to that girl child between the age of 0 to 18 years and whose parents do not cross the age of 60.

These benefits will be applicable if there is already a death, pre existing disability, disablement or injury caused by intoxication, drugs or liquor, suicide, self injury caused intentionally, death caused indirectly or directly due to insanity.