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Aquaculture Authority

The Aquaculture Authority was set up to promote shrimp aquaculture and to regulate the construction of the shrimp aquaculture farms in the coastal region. The Aquaculture Authority comes under the Ministry of Agriculture and the headquarters being in Chennai.


The Aquaculture Authority is located in Chennai at the following address:

Shastri Bhavan Annexe
Second Floor
26 Haddows Road
Chennai – 600 006
Tamil Nadu, India

Phone: +91-44-8216552
Fax: +91-44-8216552

Role of the Aquaculture Authority

The Aquaculture Authority has the powers to regulate the construction of shrimp aquaculture in the coastal regions. It makes sure that no aquaculture farm is set up within 1000m of Chilka Lake and Pulicat Lake. This also includes the bird sanctuaries in Nelapattu and Yadurapattu. For those using improved technology in aquaculture farming the approval will be given by the Aquaculture Authority. It also makes sure that certain types of lands are not used for aquaculture farming. That includes public lands, forest lands, mangroves, wet lands, salt pan lands, and agricultural lands. The Aquaculture Authority adopts the Polluter Pays Principle and the Precautionary Principle. It also frames schemes with the consultation from other bodies like State Pollution Control Board, Central Pollution Control Board, and the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute. It ensures that the people employed in the aquaculture farming are compensated properly. It also deals with any other issues that arise out of shrimp culture farming in the coastal regions.

The State level committees and the District level committees formed by the Aquaculture Authority help it to fulfill the above roles. The District collector and the Secretary-in-Charge of Fisheries control the District level and State level committees.

Approval of applications for Shrimp Culture

Applications for approval of shrimp culture have to be submitted to the District Level committee. They will scrutinize the application and forward it to the State Level committee. The SLC recommends the applications to the Aquaculture Authority for approval of the same.