Allahabad Bank

Allahabad Bank was founded by group of Europeans on April 24 1865. The Allahabad Bank has a history of 3 centuries. The Allahabad Bank is the oldest joint stock Bank in India. Due to business considerations the head office of Allahabad Bank was shifted to Calcutta (now Kolkatta) in 1923. In March 2007 the business of Allahabad bank has reached to a mark of 150000 crores.

The Allahabad bank has main branches in Kanpur, Lucknow, Nanital, Kolkatta, Jabalpur, Meerut, Nagpur, Mumbai, and New Delhi. The Chairman and Managing Director of Allahabad Bank is Sri K.R. Kamath. Sri K.K. Agarwal and Sri J.P. Dua are the executive directors of Allahabad Bank.

The Allahabad bank offers its services to self-employed persons, Professionals, salaries employees, businessman. The Allahabad bank offers three kinds of products Deposit products, Retail Credit Products and Other Credit Products. The Flexi-fix Deposit, Rs.5 Banking, Tax Benefit Term Deposit are some of the famous Deposit Products of the Allahabad Bank.

The Allahabad Bank also offers its services to NRI customers. It offers International Banking facility for its NRI customers. The deposit schemes, tax benefits schemes, remittance facility, forex services are offered by the Allahabad Bank. The NRI services are available in 312 branches of the Allahabad Bank all over the country.

The script code of the Allahabad bank in NSE is NSE-ALBK. The script code of the Allahabad Bank in BSE is BSE-532480. The script Code of the Allahabad Bank in CSE is CSE-10011595. For branch locator, EMI calculator, Interest Rates and application forms you can log on to Allahabad Bank website.

Philosophy of the Bank

  • The highest standards of ethical conduct and honest.
  • Accurate, Fair, Full, Sensible and timely disclosures in reports.
  • Compliance with laws, regulations and rules.

By building a customer-base through talent management, sophisticated technology and structural re-organization the Allahabad Bank is foreseeing its growth rate at a higher level.

Provide anytime and anywhere banking for the customers with high end technology and by strong customer centric relationships to emerge as a world class bank. To provide best services by utilizing human resources in innovative ways.


> Allahabad Bank
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give me a cradit card


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